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The Market
  1. 120 Million Americans are over the age of 40, one out of every 3 shoppers.
  2. 40 is the age when the lens of the eye starts to become less pliable and the need for reading glasses begins
  3. Most people who use readers have multiple pairs of readers.
  4. The mobility of this age group requires a very portable pair of readers.
  5. Pocket-Readers are an impulse purchase because of their unique design, size, utility and portability.

Reading glasses are no longer just needed by the armchair. These potential customers live a very active life style and Pocket Readers were uniquely designed to be carried "with you". Pocket Readers have a full size metal frame and are designed to fold flat. When folded they are smaller than a business card and fit into a soft case. Thus the name Pocket Readers, they easily fit anywhere, even in a front pocket and go unnoticed. An attached LED has been praised for being as useful as the glasses and it certainly adds to their appeal as an Impulse Purchase.

Your bottom line, a sales price of $9.95 will provide a margin of 116%, this is without considering any volume discounts or the 50 additional LED's provided with each order. The following pages will provide all the details...their features, the quality of assembly and merchandising materials that are included with the initial order.

We hope that you'll "Look Us Over" and "See" what Pocket Readers can bring to your organization and more importantly, what Pocket Readers will provide for your customer base.

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