Pocket-Readers began when our founder, a retired entrepreneur, was in Thailand where street children approached him to buy reading glasses that "folded". He ended up buying all that they had and at a price they could only have dreamed. Through years of continued travels, he found these glasses everywhere and was fascinated how such a simple product could have so many designs and production methods, but none ever had it "right". The quest then went on to design and manufacture "The Perfect Folding Glasses".

To be "right", Pocket-Readers had to pass the test of having full sized temple stems that fit over the ear, a bridge that fit over the nose with real nose pads, flexible hinges to allow them to comfortably stay in place (even when looking down), light weight composite lenses, a durable metal frame and a footprint, when folded, that was smaller than a business card.

All these "right" features have been integrated into this very uniquely deigned product, "The Perfect Folding Glasses".

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